We've built our software to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone


Track and manage the things that matter most to you and your farm


Know what your farm needs are and how to increase profits right away


We place all your crucial farm details in a safe and secure location so you have them when you need them.

Speedy: Get the information you want when you need it.
Informative: Improve your decision-making with accurate information about your field and crops.
Field-by-field: Every field on your land is different. Understand which fields are gaining profits and which fields need attention.
Futures Market: We automatically calculate profit fluctuations daily as the markets change.
Security: Cash Cow Farmer takes your security very seriously. We’ll back-up all your data and make sure none of your information is being shared without your knowledge.
Accessible: Connect with Cash Cow Farmer from any device you own.


• Detailed Price List: Track and analyze your data

Enter your farming costs into our customizable software and see how your farm’s performing. We’ll keep track of your pricing information, operating costs, seed prices, fertilizer prices, and chemical prices all in one place. With this information, you’ll have years worth of pricing and data to track trends and changes in your farm’s profitability.

• Field Details: Understand how each field is performing

Each field you own is like an independent business. With our software, you can manage crucial crop and land information to help you judge what products to use and whether or not these crops are making you money.

•Summary for Crop Year Per Acre: Identify field productivity

Easily analyze which fields in your operation are profitable and unprofitable. Then, compare and contrast field-by-field economics for better long-term decision-making.

Forward Contracts for Crop Year: Track Grain Marketing Contracts

Know which inventory is sold and unsold so you can better prepare for grain marketing opportunities. Then you track grain marketing program to an understanding of your overall grain profitability.

Software Packages: Change the acre information to the following

Basic plan: up to 2500 acres

Pro Plus plan: up to 10000 acres

Enterprise plan: 10000+ acres

How Cash Cow Farmer Software Solves Farmers Biggest Challenges?

Rent Negotiations: Don’t lose out by paying too much for rent

• Print out summaries on crop performance for better negotiations
• Build a better strategy to negotiate
• Better prepare for future planning

Direct Connection to futures Markets: Stay Connected, Stay Profiting

• Track market progress from an easy to use platform
• Know crop activity for better strategy building
• Understand current break evens so you can sell at the right time

Historic Production Tracking: Know How You’ve Performed

• Monitor prices for the materials you use
• Compare your expenses with your profits
• Store years worth of data in one place

Sharing Information with Partners: Transparency

• Crop share with more trust and confidence
• Eliminate overspending by both partners
• Easily compare your reports between you and your partner

How Cash Cow Farmer Software is Different From Other Packages?

“Well, it was designed from a farmer’s perspective. Not from an accountant’s or a venture capitalist’s…not someone who has no understanding of farming. That is the biggest difference between ours and our competitors. The time it takes to use the software is a fraction of what our competitor’s take. They try to solve problems that aren’t problems for farmers. They try to do operations and all kinds of various other things. Ours is super easy to use for our farmers. We have people who hardly know how to turn a computer on, but once they turn it on, they can use our program. The bare minimum is what the farmer needs to do – the program does the rest. The results that they get at the end of the day are lined up so they can make decisions about their fields right away. It’s easier and cheaper to use. Our price, is still 1/10th or less than our competitors. We’re a fraction of our competition’s cost.”
~ Scott Anderson