At Cash Cow Farmer, we’ve built our business on these three core values: Integrity, Trust, and Hard Work.

We treat every farmer and potential business partner we meet with respect and a warm, friendly handshake. Below, you’ll learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we’d like to serve you.

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At Cash Cow Farmer, we understand the struggles everyday farmers face. That’s why we have set out to provide the number one farming software application used to track expenses, increase profits, and create more market share for our customers.


Cash Cow Farmer’s mission is to enhance each farmer’s ability to capture expenses, reduce costs, sell crop for a profit, so as farmers, we can still prosper in tough markets, and secure our farms for future generations to come.


No one quite knows the world of farming like the farmer does. It’s hard work getting up before dawn, sloshing through mud and dirt to check on your fields and crops. It’s a business like no other–carefully cultivating food for others while balancing every single penny in your checking account. I know all this so well because I am a farmer.

We farmers require a special skill-set to do what we do–and it’s all hands-on. Our lives typically revolve around the land, the crop, and of course, family. Generation after generation, our hands are one with the soil. It’s in our blood. And when it’s all said and done, a handshake is used to solidify deals that are the cornerstone of a business built on honor and a promise. It is the basis on which I grew up and believe in to this day.

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While growing up, I watched my father work the family business. He had a farming operation, but he also invented farm equipment for a big manufacturing company. Since the age of 10, I stood by his side, learning and helping, making parts out of sheets of metal and doing other simple factory jobs. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to attend college, get a business degree, and take over the family business, just like my father did.

I attended The University of Nebraska, which was only six hours by car. During those long, grueling nights of studying, I kept my sights on returning home to honor my promise of growing my father’s business. And then it happened, a chance opportunity. I was able to attend a Q & A session with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates — the two richest men in the world. It was then, at that moment, I became even more inspired to run my father’s business.

After graduation, I moved to New York City and worked on Wall Street where I got my financial legs. My whole goal was to get educated in business and become a good businessman. However, while I was in New York, my father sold the manufacturing business to my brother. I thought, “What the heck?”


After my dad sold off the manufacturing piece, I was offered the failing farming business. I took it on. In a way you could say I “bought the farm.”

What the heck was I going to do with a farm that was just prairie grass? My father originally told me that the farm never made any money. “That’s just how it goes,” he said. I knew I had to shake things up and turn them around.

I started with the cost of production on each field. I wanted details on every part of the operation. Then I plowed the land, getting ingrained in the farming operation along with my dad’s crew, who ended up retiring two years later. By this time, I was frustrated. That’s when my father offered life-changing advice: “Use your Wall Street experience and see where we’re losing and making money,” he said.

He was absolutely right–the secret was using spreadsheets.



In October 2014, I took my concept to an event called Startup Weekend, which was similar to Shark Tank and an incubator. At first, I was nervous. “Who is going to want to help us farmers?” I almost backed out, but thank goodness, I didn’t. I presented my idea as “Cash Cow,” a much-needed program to help farmers with marketing the grain. I explained that I needed someone to take my idea and create software to help farmers understand costs and financial details of their farms.

My idea was well received, and now some two years later, Cash Cow Farmer is a growing success.

I still believe in the all-important handshake. I still believe you have to get your hands dirty. I still know where I came from. Farming is in my blood, and the soil is on my hands, literally. When I help other farmers, I help a core group of people who are the backbone of our society. I help us all.

– Scott Anderson, CEO/Founder of Cash Cow Farmer


Scott grew up on the family farm in Andover, South Dakota. He is a second-generation farmer with a passion for farming, marketing, analytics, and software development. While learning how to farm, Scott took some time off to attend University of Nebraska in Lincoln for a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. It was there that he was inspired by two of the world’s biggest business giants: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. He saw himself in these great men and realized that there were never-ending possibilities and opportunities in life. These two men planted the seeds for what was to come.

To ensure the financial success of the family farm, Scott headed to New York after college, and worked in the Financial Sector on Wall Street. He sharpened his skills in the areas of Commodities, Macroeconomics, Investment Banking, Debt Financing, and most importantly, Business Analysis.

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Scott witnessed, first hand, the financial devastation and ruin that many farmers experienced when their farms stopped thriving or failed due to falling commodity markets. Scott saw the need for the development of new tools – tools that would not only help farmers keep up with the rigors of farming, but create profit in a down market.

Through extensive analysis, Scott formulated software that finally provided a full solution. Cash Cow Farmer not only analyzes the information needed to manage the “basics” of farming management, it manages each individual field! With this information, farmers can, in a relatively short time, identify which fields are making money and save expenses when needed.

Take the guesswork out of Grain Marketing TODAY!

Gain the advantage of getting the best price when marketing your grain. Instead of guessing where your break-even is, Cash Cow Farmer lets you know!

Sign up today for a complimentary trial so you can see how we make life easier!

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