Cash Cow Farmer

More Than Just Software


The Software analyzes the specific data necessary to Learn:


  • What to do when fields no longer produce.
  • What to do when the price of a particular commodity drops (or is projected to drop) along with the profits.
  • How to calculate costs to grow each bushel by field in order to make the best management decisions, and market grain at a profit.
  • How to calculate ROI before investing in any new technology or tools.
  • How farm profit levels change with fluctuating futures prices to ensure profit.
  • If your rentals really bringing added income. In many cases, rentals are actually costing you money!
  • To identify liabilities and turn them into cash producing assets.
  • How to project your profits into next year.
  • How to find the surprising ways, on and off the field, that you are losing money – and how to stop those leaks.
  • How to “merge” the old tried and true ways of doing business with cutting edge technology.
  • How to tackle low commodity prices.
  • How to build a grain marketing plan.
  • How to analyze fields and maximize operations.
  • How to turn a non-revenue producing farm into a Cash Cow!



Scott grew up on the family farm in Andover, South Dakota. He is a second generation farmer with a passion for farming, marketing, analytics, and software development.

Scott took time out from farming to educate himself in the fields of Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. It was here that he was inspired by two of the world’s biggest business giants: Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. It was through seeing himself in these great men that he realized that there are never-ending possibilities and opportunities in life. These two men planted the seeds for what was to come.

To ensure the financial success of the family farm, Scott headed to New York after college, and worked in the Financial Sector on Wall Street. He sharpened his skills as in the areas of Commodities, Macroeconomics, Investment Banking, Debt Financing, and most importantly, Business Analysis.

Scott witnessed, first hand, the financial devastation and ruin that many farmers experienced when commodity markets fell and their farms stopped thriving, and in some circumstances, just failed. Scott saw the need for the development of new tools – tools that would not only help farmers keep up with the rigors of farming, but create profit in a down market.

Through extensive analysis, Scott formulated a Software solution that finally provided a full solution. Not only can the Software analyze the information needed to manage the “basics” of farming management, but can actually manage each individual field! With this information, farmers can, in a relatively short time, not only identify which fields are making money, but also losing money.



Joe grew up in a farming community in northeast South Dakota, where many of his friends and their families farmed as a way of life.

Following college began his professional career selling supplemental insurance, in which his primary customers were those involved with agriculture. Through his experience as a supplemental insurance agent, Joe understood more and more just how difficult it is to be profitable in today’s market. He found a desire growing to help those in the farming community get more out of the hard work he knew they  were putting into their profession. 

It was at this time that Joe reconnected with Scott Anderson and learned more about how Scott was helping farmers become better managers of their operations and maximize their profits through marketing strategies. Once he saw what Scott had developed Joe knew he had found the perfect way to help give back to the hardest working people in the country.