We understand EARNING a profit in today’s market is probably your biggest challenge!
Here’s how our software will help you maximize profits, despite elevated costs and tough markets!
  •  Learn which ground is delivering the best yields
  •  Gain the awareness of how your farm is really doing
  •  Gain the ability to reduce costs of putting the crop out
  •  Visibly see herbicide costs, so you can make production changes
  •  Make informative decisions based on data to maximize your bottom line
  •  Notice exactly where you’re losing money
  •  Gain access to direct futures markets and prevent selling at a loss
  •  Know when to pull the trigger on selling grains
  •  Determine what your break-evens are
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Cash Cow Farmer Software is Different From Other Farming Software...
“Well, it was designed from a farmer's perspective. Not from an accountant's or a venture capitalist's...not someone who has no understanding of farming. That is the biggest difference between ours and our competitors. The time it takes to use the software is a fraction of what our competitor's take. Ours is super easy to use for our farmers. We have people who hardly know how to turn a computer on, but once they turn it on, they can use our program. The bare minimum is what the farmer needs to do – the program does the rest. The results that they get at the end of the day are lined up so they can make decisions about their fields right away. It's easier and cheaper to use. Our price, is still 1/10th or less than our competitors. We're a fraction of our competition’s cost.” 
- Scott Anderson
Here’s how our farmers can still profit with volatile markets! (In their own words)


“I was actually disappointed that I didn’t start using Cash Cow Farmer earlier. Before, I never knew exactly where my break-evens were. Once I did, I had the opportunity to price above them to capture those lost profits!”


“Cash Cow Farmer helped me to know exactly what my break-evens were. It helped me understand what herbicides to use, when to spray, and how much fertilizer to buy. This helped me increase my profitability!”

Shelly H.

"Cash Cow Farmer helps me see my break-even at a glance every day or once a week along with where the markets are. I can use that information to market my grain throughout the year and get the best price. It's so much better than guessing. Now, I can set my floor at that price and make extra money."
Secure a Farming Future For The Next Generation
BY MAXIMIZING Your Farm’s Bottom-Line Today!
Farmers are turning to Cash Cow Farmer to see their break evens, sell for a profit, track field activity and seed pricing for a better return. With rising costs and volatile markets, Cash Cow helps farmers manage their farms like a business, so they can keep it and grow it for generations to come. Treating your farm like a business today will impact your farms generational legacy for years to come. 

“Before using Cash Cow, I never knew exactly where my break-evens were. Once I did, I had the opportunity to price above them to capture those lost profits! Even if you're not making a lot of money, it's hard to go broke making a little money.”  David MacDonald
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